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4 min readMay 25, 2021


We’re on the hunt for the next core member of our intimate team to help us invest in founders with a little bit of crazy and a lot of hustle. You will embody the very founders we look to invest in, craving the satisfaction of team unity as we build the Counterpart Ventures brand.

Its time for our nest to grow one larger after 3+ years of hard work to get to Fund II. We’ve intentionally kept our home tight knit until this point, but now we’re ready to grow our family.

We won’t have you pull a rickshaw anytime soon, but bonus points if you can tell us which sitcom this is from and double bonus if you can name the episode.

A little on us

Counterpart Ventures is a San Francisco based early stage venture fund that embraces an innovative and flexible funding model which creatively aligns with the needs of our portfolio companies. We are actively investing $2–6M checks out of our $100M Fund II. Our focus is on B2B SaaS, mobility and marketplace technologies which target nontrivial problems or fill missing gaps in large markets. We help build companies by providing meaningful access to real customers and strategic partnerships via our corporate venture capital network Counter Club. Check out our website and you will see our different approach.

At the Counterpart Ventures office (L-R: Patrick, Mikey, Joe)

What we need…

A team player with tenacity, grit, humility and perseverance. Those are just the basic skills we need you to bring to this role. We also value a healthy mix of intellectual horsepower and relevant investment experience.

Most importantly we need someone with a deep network in the SF Bay Area and willing to speak their mind, offer real opinions and get access to high quality early stage companies. We also want someone who is coachable, open-minded and embraces mentorship. Ventures is a true apprenticeship gig, a learn-by-doing industry. We believe the more reps (good and bad) you have under your belt, the better. We want you to hear your authentic stories about the good and bad portfolio companies, simply what you learned from such experiences and how you grew as an investor, even at a junior level. Finally you must not take yourself too seriously — we just don’t believe in Social Darwinism VC.

Can you bring it?

The role we’re looking to bring on is a dedicated investment professional at either an Associate, Senior Associate or Principal level (depending on the candidate). You will interact closely with the entire team to source new deals, build relationships with founders, support the existing portfolio companies and conduct research or analysis where needed. You will have independence to seek out new deals and present ideas at weekly meetings. Over time, if you demonstrate expertise in a particular category, we will carve out more and more responsibility for you. There is significant headroom to grow at our shop over time. This includes leading deals and taking Board seats. Our ambition is to build a sustainable long term franchise and you have the opportunity to enter here at the ground level. Can you bring the energy and exciting we’re looking for?

What you need to apply…

  • We’re looking for candidates with at least several ( 3–4+ years) investing experience at a reputable fund in the SF Bay Area (Analyst, Associate, Senior Associate level experience).
  • You need to have some deal experience under your belt. We’re looking for investors who have sourced and diligenced deals, then worked on the funding process.
  • A network. We’re looking for folks that are well respected and admired by VC peers and founders. We don’t want to see your name posted on @VCBrags.
  • Ideally a healthy pipeline of B2B startups you’ve been tracking and wishing you could fund, but for one reason or another you weren’t able to. Or at very least, take a point of view on what specific industries or companies you would approach and why?

Nitty gritty

  • The role will be based at our office in South Park/Soma, San Francisco with the ability to occasionally work remotely or from home. We still believe in offices, but never believed in face-time.
  • You will join as the 4th person after the two founding General Partners and Head of Operations/Senior Associate
  • Competitive base salary + bonus and equity offered.
  • Other perks associated with the role including travel, events, meals and related expenses are covered.
  • We anticipate a start date of Q3 2021.

Think this is you? Get in touch so we can set up some time for a chat: contactus@counterpart.vc. Please include your LinkedIn profile, resumé and any other interesting or relevant stories which set you apart. If we think you’re a fit for the role we’ll do our best to swiftly set up a Zoom call or in-person meeting depending on your vaccination status and location.

Patrick, Joe & Mikey,
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