It is March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and like almost all our VC peers we decided to go remote. Joe headed back to Japan, Mikey to Australia and Patrick remained in San Francisco. We figured it wouldn’t last long and we would all be back in the…

How can we offer something unique to founders, which offers real edge in a hyper-competitive venture market but still authentic and aligned with our backgrounds?

We considered this question in the early days of Counterpart Ventures. Differentiation in VC is mission critical. The landscape is littered with commodity funds. Many…

Written by Patrick Eggen, Founding General Partner, Counterpart Ventures

This post is backdated, it was originally published on LinkedIn on April 26 2019 here.

Venture math is simple. If you want to win really big in venture, you need to be right when everyone else is wrong. Typically, the best…

Over the past year, we have made a number of investments and been quietly working away to launch a sustainable venture franchise which will grow carefully, deliberately and purposefully.

While we have several exciting portfolio announcements to share in the near future, we thought it was time to graduate from…

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Why We Built Sense360 & Our Approach To Privacy

Amazon versus the world.

In 2009, I joined Amazon as a Product Manager. It was obvious almost 10 years ago that Amazon was going to annihilate every business in its path. They understood technology, they had a brilliant strategist leading them…

Counterpart Ventures

Stage agnostic Venture Capital firm based in San Francisco investing with unrivaled conviction to create unique and memorable stories.

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